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RN03 Biographical Perspectives on European Societies

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Identity transmission in a migratory setting

Title: Identity transmission in a migratory setting.
Author: Deianira Ganga


Intergenerational identity transmission in a migratory setting represents the site of continuous contrasts and negotiations.
This paper is based on a qualitative research analysing the processes of ethnic identity transmission among three-generational families of Italians in Nottingham, UK.
During the fieldwork, respondents of the three generations considered cultural traditions and language use as salient characteristics of their ethnic identity.
However, through the years, cultural phenomena within the community seem to have undergone important transformations. If, through the generations, processes of integration take place and language shift naturally occurs, these do not seem to be directly linked to an identity crisis at either the individual or group level. While the members of the older generation conceive themselves as the guardians of the cultural / ethnic identity of the community, members of the second and third generation seem to demonstrate - on some occasions - allegiance to the country of ancestral origin, the country of residence, and a European supra-national identity, which encompasses the previous ones and reduces the risk of feeling ?torn? between the two.