9th Conference European Sociological Association

RS16 Russia and Its European Identity

Environmental discussion in the world socialist movement in the context of globalization

The majority of modern theories consider world political process through the mirror of globalization which sharpened unprecedented interdependency of states and nations. One can notice different signs of globalization in international relations and strengthening of alternative actors of international life.
Partly it is connected with the crashing of communist regimes and with relaxation of ideological component in politics or with its transformation.
This problem has also another side because of unwillingness of different countries (mainly developing) to participate in the process which was started after Kyoto. They insist that well-developed countries should spend more money and energy to solve the problems of environment.
The problem of climate change and global warming is the one of the main topic in the world socialist movement. Trying to find legal solution European countries offer different methods.
Europe authorities of different levels are involved in the process initiating by Agenda 21. F.e., great number of municipalities has already signed Agenda local 21, which requires compliance with the principles of sustainable development.
Taking into consideration the fact that struggle for a sustainable, equitable and democratic society forward are the main goals of socialist and labor parties we are analyzing socialist movement (activity of parties and Socialist International) which playing important role in the world environmental movements. We found out a growing awareness among socialists that sustainability has to be the driving force behind 21st century socialism as they seek to close the 'rift' that capitalism has created between human beings and nature.
Since Russia is included already in integration process with Europe we are also examining its position on environmental questions. It is interesting to see the role of Russian parties, claiming to be called socialist, in environmental discussion both in Russia and in Europe. Unfortunately the ecological problems are not considered as mentioned by people and it explains why Russian leaders are more active on international level than in Russia.
Anyway data of our research confirm that understanding of importance of these problems has been rising up gradually.