9th Conference European Sociological Association

RN01 Ageing in Europe

2009-09-05 13:30:00 2009-09-05 15:00:00 Saturday, 5 September 13:30 - 15:00 Inequality and Poverty in Ageing Societies Building II, C5.07

Quality of Life in Ageing Societies: Italy, Portugal and Turkey -Cross-country Comparisons of Conditions of Elderly

In the world, the changing in demographical structure toward increasing the older population has influenced individuals, families, communities as well as societies. Therefore, it can be said that ageing is both individual and social phenomena. In this sense, not only the individuals but also families, communities and societies have been faced with ageing phenomena.

It is well-known that Western countries meet with ageing earlier than Turkey. ?For instance, Sweden has undergone ageing process in 85 years, France in 115 years. The latest prediction appreciate that Turkey will undergo the ageing process in 15-20 years.? (National Research Council, 2001). In this sense, could we operationalize the conditions of elderly in Turkey that has rapid ageing process with the help of the other countries having different experiences of ageing? Has the ageing that changes from individual to individual exhibited different characteristics in each society or are there any similarities among the countries in terms of ageing process? Does the quality of life of elderly give us a clue to grasp the conditions of ageing process in Turkey with comparing Italy and Portugal that has different stories of ageing?

In this study, the quality of life of elderly in three aging countries, which are Italy, Portugal and Turkey, will be tried to compare and with the help of this comparisons we attempt to display the conditions of elderly in the countries having the different ageing process. These countries are chosen with respect to their proportion of elderly population in the Mediterranean region and will be analyze by using data of European Quality of Life Survey 2004.