9th Conference European Sociological Association

RN20 Qualitative Methods

2009-09-03 13:30:00 2009-09-03 15:00:00 Thursday, 3 September 13:30 - 15:00 Visual Methods and Video Building II, C2.01

"What can you see them doing?" - Notes on video elicited interview

In the article, there will be presented one of research methods used in a GTM based study on social construction of embodiment and social world of ballroom dancing. A theoretical perspective of the research is symbolic interactionism and phenomenology. The method is video elicited interview with experts of the theme. There will be presented a description of this kind of interview, which was supposed to give new data, not obtained by photo elicited interview, observation, autoethnography and video analysis also used in the research project.
As when it comes to embodiment, one should reach outside from narrative research methods and for that reason a photo elicited interview or observation are often used, there will also be presented a comparison between these research methods and video elicited intervew.
In the paper I will also show how tricky it may be to believe one?s own eyes, when not being a part or an expert of the theme in question. There will be shown some examples of perceiving certain moves and human action in very different ways by a researcher, by outsiders and by dancers and dance teachers. Consequences of these will be shown as well.
As the last two problems, there will be shown advantages and disadvantages of this method and ways of analyzing data obtained using this research method.