9th Conference European Sociological Association

RS16 Russia and Its European Identity

2009-09-03 15:30:00 2009-09-03 17:00:00 Thursday, 3 September 15:30 - 17:00 Public Sociology in a Civil Environment in Russia Building II, C4.05

Problems of physical inability and invalids

The social and economic transformations occurring in the Russian society' in 80-s and 90-s, promoted that in our country the acts directed on the decision of problems of invalids have been developed and accepted, adapted to new realities. In 1995 has been accepted " the Federal law is passed About social protection of invalids in the Russian Federation "in which for the first time in the domestic legislation a priority of social policy of the state concerning invalids becomes rehabilitation and their integration into a society.
On official data in Russia today over 13 million invalids that makes about 9 % of the population, however on informal data the quantity of invalids at least is twice more. The problem of the statistical account concerns to one of the basic problems of physical inability.
The invalids living in Russia, test set of problems: are poorly informed about the rights; test problems in reception of means of rehabilitation; problems in a unimpeded access to objects of a social infrastructure, including transport service; problems in reception of formation and employment; problems of carrying out of leisure and many other things.
However one of the most important problems is the preconvinced attitude to invalids in a society. To problems of physical inability in Russia, besides a problem of the statistical account of invalids, the following concern: invalids are not the homogeneous group, differing on a floor, age, group of the physical inability, available restrictions of ability to live; the young invalids demanding special attention from the state, are not allocated in separate group; huge percent of invalids are persons of able-bodied age; the state spends huge material means for payment of grants and privileges, in turn in the budget of the country, because of the low interest of employment of invalids, taxes do not act; till now low interest of invalids in rehabilitation is traced; at presence of the sufficient legislative base directed on the decision of problems of invalids and physical inability, the mechanism of realization of normative legal base till now is not found.