9th Conference European Sociological Association

RN25 Social Movements

A globalization of localized grievances? Transnational social movements mobilizing towards community conflicts

Transnational mobilizations towards community conflicts are not new phenomena, as the case of Irish-American mobilizations in the Irish conflict ever since the 19th century shows. Even before anti-globalization politics became prominent examples of transnational social movements, such displays of solidarity have occurred regularly, usually taking the form of fund-raising in order to help the victims or to sustain a ?war of liberation?. Some movements have also aimed at channeling direct action into community conflicts politics: the case of the non-violent direct action movement in Palestine, which attracts numerous international participants, is here particularly clear. What motivates transnational movements to get involved in community conflicts, and what are the requirements for a successful mobilization? We will examine the discursive and organizational strategies displayed by movements mobilizing for the Northern Irish and Israel/Palestine conflicts. We will then assess the role played by the Global Justice Movement in such mobilizations by comparing the Northern Irish and the Israel/Palestine cases.