9th Conference European Sociological Association

RN07 Sociology of Culture

"Discreet Multiculturality" of Poland and the intercultural dialogue in the activity of Polish NGOs

The presentation includes the results and analysis of the research project "Polish non-governmental organisations and the dialogue of cultures".
The deep interview with the leaders and co-workers of three very effective and dynamic NGOs functionning from the beginning of 90s (BORUSSIA Cultural Community Association from Olsztyn, BORDERLAND Foundation from Sejny, SHALOM Foundation from Warszaw) could help to construct the form of the inquiry for the quantitative research on almost 200 associations and foundations for intercultural relations in the new Polish democracy.
The forms of the intercultural projects at the borderlands, in multicultural environments of big cities, among the minorities groups, in the frames of the European Union etc. are more and more present and effective in the promotion and building of an intercultural competence of thousands of people. The development ways of Polish "dialogic" NGOs, their strategies and kinds of thinking about Polish shape of multiculturality are very impressive.
Almost 100 Polish projects during The European Year of Intercultural Dialogue 2008 created also the possibility to look at some problems connected with closed attitudes of Poles towards "the strangers", the weakness of the Polish third sector in compare to other European countries, and the hot need to educate young people for the world of social and cultural differences, but also in the consciousnees of the intercultural dialogue in the time of European integration.