9th Conference European Sociological Association

RN19 Sociology of Professions

2009-09-03 09:00:00 2009-09-03 10:30:00 Thursday, 3 September 09:00 - 10:30 The Changing Cultures of Professional Work Building I, Auditório 2

Drawing Cultural Maps to Professional Parish Diaconal Work

Parish diaconal work within the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland has same kinds of roots and methods than health and social work. However, diaconal work has developed both historically and culturally in a distinct context whose regularities influence work within the Church. The Church's diaconal work serves to supplement the public welfare services. Diaconal workers are part of the division of labour with public social and health care occupations and as well as the division of labour of the church's occupations.

In my research, I study the jurisdiction of parish diaconal work. The analytical perspective I have used in my study lies on the concept of boundary-work, which was originally developed within the sociology of science by Thomas F. Gieryn (1983;1999). Although Gieryn (1983:791-792) examines boundary-work of science he identifies also profession's or occupation's occasions for boundary-work. Previously, I have studied inter-professional boundaries of professional parish diaconal work. I have used the concept boundary-work to describe those processes creating boundaries between different occupations. I have showed the battles when different actors draw different kinds of boundaries to the professional parish diaconal work. (Pyykkö 2004, 2007, 2008).

In my presentation I am asking if there is some kind of common features or landmarks to the professional parish diaconal work. Are all the boundaries disputed or is it possible to find some kind of agreement? The data comprise the report of the Post Structure Committee "Ordained to Serve" (2002) and the comments to the report.