9th Conference European Sociological Association

RN17 Industrial Relations, Labour Market Institutions and Employment

2009-09-05 09:00:00 2009-09-05 10:30:00 Saturday, 5 September 09:00 - 10:30 Worker Particiption in Europe and Europeanization of Worker Participation Building AA, Auditório Silva Leal

Institutional Dynamics and Social Dialogue in France and in Europe

Collective bargaining and, more generally, the series of devices that constitute social dialogue (information and consultation procedures, concertation dialogue, negotiation, and participation) are strongly influenced by the institutions which frame them: the legislation and the collective agreements. For a long time, over half a century, these institutions were marked by national dynamics. Today, they are for a significant part of European origin. The result is a complex dynamics articulating the national level and the European level. In France this is particularly the case as regards the information and the consultation of the workers and their representatives but also as regards social dialogue governance. In our communication we will examine the cross influence of the European and French legislations concerning these two topics as well as the ways in which they contribute to worker participation in Europe and Europeanization of worker participation.