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RS16 Russia and Its European Identity

2009-09-03 13:30:00 2009-09-03 15:00:00 Thursday, 3 September 13:30 - 15:00 Contemporary Russia as a Process: Where Does It Lead? Building II, C4.05

Russian Press: Problems of Terrorism

Terror (from latin, terror fear, horror) - policy of deterrence, suppression of the political opponents by violent measures. The definition of a terror in the dictionary of foreign words is those. Unfortunately, in our modern life, this word has become an ordinary concept. Last decade has shown that common citizens are not safe from terrorism, no matter how detached they are from politics. Lack of safety makes clear the fact that the information about terrorism and terrorists is of interest not only for representatives of the competent organs, but also for the common citizens. Therefore it appears to be interesting to use scientific, "strict" methods of the analysis, namely content-analysis of press, to study main tendencies, special features and methods of public opinion on the problems of terrorism formation.

As an empirical basis of the research we took popular press: "Moscow Komsomolets" (the daily political newspaper spreaded in 89 subjects of the Russian Federation, circulation 1.903.320 copies) and weekly newspaper "Arguments and Facts" (circulation 2.921.170 copies). The analysis shows that despite a rather "quiet" situation, the newspapers gave a lot of attention to terrorism. Speaking about an image of the terrorist created by the journalists, we can see that most of them give a one-sided picture. It looks like they try to popularize terrorists' image (romanticism, elusiveness, brotherhood of faithful, mutual help, high financial status) and undermine the authority of special forces.

These are the main conclusions of the analysis of monthly collections of two newspapers. Judging on them, we see that regular and massive analysis of periodic means of Mass Media is of great importance, taking into consideration the fact of increased terrorism danger.