9th Conference European Sociological Association

RS12 Arts Management: Sociological Inquiries

Professional development of young art managers in Austria

Arts management represents a young professional field with low institutionalisation, i.e. with very few and very weakly structured professional associations and standards that would define a clear qualification profile. The article, which is based on an empirical survey, investigates the entry phase and career development of young university-trained art managers in Austria.
To summarise, we note on the basis of our study that the labour market in arts management is not very regulated. Many jobs are not publicly advertised but filled by personal recommendation. Networks and personal contacts are therefore particularly important at the start of a career. Integration in a team and recognition received for personal ability to interact with colleagues and superiors are decisive for subjective job satisfaction, for becoming established in the profession and for a person?s further successful career. Work in cultural institutions and realisation of complex projects require both technical knowledge as well as practical competence and implementation skills.